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Breastfeeding, Princesses and Italian Rum Cake! {My life} | Good reads

As I walked over to the bookshelves carrying a bottle of water and a single chocolate bar (on top of the bag of m&m, the Fruit loops and the Doritos), I had no idea I was just about to have a “Sophies-choice moment”.

The bookshelf at the San Francisco airport was filled with intellectual books,autobiographies & history books. As I approached the shelf, Steve Jobs was looking right at me. I had for a long time been wanting to read this bestseller with the dream in mind of bringing up intellectual facts at a high-end cocktail party (which I go to all the time).

Other well-known people stared at me while their eyes loudly screamed “pick me, pick me!” I politely thanked President Obama and Colin Powell for wanting to give me the insight into their brilliant minds and reached for the man who helped the world become a better place, Steve Jobs.

As my eyes were about to turn towards the cash register, they suddenly landed on something bright and yellow. The face on the book was not screaming “Pick me”. Instead it calmly looked at me and said “If you pick me, I will show you a good time, but whatever….”. With Steve Jobs in my left arm, I reached very nonchalant for the yellow book. It could not hurt to look…

It did not take me long to realized that Houston had a problem. On my left I had the story of a genius (and you never know, some of the smartness might just rub-off on you while reading the book), and on the other hand I had been given the promise of a book were the author “reveals all”.

I started comparing the weight of the books and even though I knew the battle was over at first glance, I had a moment of intellectually reasoning. Both books promised me bestsellers (aka: people who know people, read bestsellers). However in the end, the “safety first” side of me kicked-in. Mr. Jobs was a little too heavy for “light reading” on a flight (you don’t want to bring on board more weight than necessary). So the nonchalant yellow book might possibly save us all from a “to much weight plane crash”.

So at the next big, fancy, intellectual cocktail party, I will thanx to Tina Fey, be able to join the conversations with amazing topics like Breastfeeding, Princesses, Photoshop, the Electoral Process, and Italian Rum Cake! 

I’ve always wanted to be funny, but for now I leave it up to the professionals. So if you are looking for some laughter this summer, go for the yellow book!

Oh yeah… if you happened to be on the SFO-AMS on May 30th and heard someone in the back laugh hysterically, yes Ma’am, that was me… I blame it on my new bestie Tina.


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