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How it all began..

If you can dream it, you can do it
~Walt Disney~

Since I was fifteen I have loved taking pictures. Every time I capture laughter, smiles and love, something comes alive inside of me. I used to dream of people paying me to take their picture, thinking it would never happen. Yet there was something inside of me pulling me to pursue photography and dare to take some risks.

So in August 2009 I bought a Canon 5d Mark2. I came into the store with two credit cards and about $2000 (10 000 NOK) in my debit card. After I had maxed out my credit cards and spent all of my savings the young guy behind the counter says: You must be a photographer or something since you are buying such an expensive camera. I did not really wanna want to tell him that I was just a girl wanting a good camera. So I smiled and said: “Well I do some freelance stuff.” I just didn’t mention that no one had ever paid me to do my “freelance stuff” (aka: taking pictures of my friends and family).

The next following months I hardly used my camera. Not that I did not want to, but I just got swamped with work and life in general. It was not until March of 2010 when I took some pictures of my friends baby, that I remembered how much I loved taking pictures. I loved capturing the smiles, the laughter and the moments of life. With a basket on the dining room table and a white comforter as a backdrop, I took the pictures you see on this blogpost. Little did I know that night when I posted them on Facebook, they would be the start of my dreams coming true.

Soon after this I was contacted by some people who were designing a whole new graphic profile for a school. They were wondering if I could take some pictures for them. To nervous to say yes I told them I could do it but I would have to charge them. Thinking they would say no and I would be off the hook, I threw out the number $100 (500 NOK) per picture. I was rather surprised when they said yes. I mean they said yes to pay ME money for taking pictures! I hung up the phone that day and started laughing. A couple weeks later I saw my pictures on big posters, on the web and in brochures. Every time I walked by one of the posters I was thinking inside, oh my gosh I took those pictures.

By September of 2010 I had done nine baby-shoots, five portrait sessions, four weddings, two bachelorette-shoots, four family-shoots, three couple-shoot and three photoshoots for different advertisments. With the encouragement from friends and family I had a website, a logo, a brand-name, a Facebook fan page a company license and my own accountant. It all happened very fast and every time people contacted me for a photoshoot I laughed inside of the fact that they would give me money to do what I loved.

In September 2010 I moved to California to go to school, so my company has been on hold this year. However my dreams and desires for the future has expanded. Going from dreaming of people one day paying me to take their picture to actually living my dream life. This last year has made me realize that I am not just gonna watch other people live their dreams, I am gonna live mine. I intend to dream and live to the fullest. I am far from reaching my goals and all my dreams, but I am on my way. I choose everyday to take choices, sometimes very scary choices, that will take me further in my dreams. And I also love to see other people start living their dream. It is actually easy, just find out what makes you smile and go do it.


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